The watch

America's Nuclear Mission Revealed

For the first time in television history THE WATCH: America’s Nuclear Mission Revealed, will detail the ultra-secret world of the people, weapons, and missions of this extraordinary and virtually unknown American military mission.

The project is currently under the Department of Defense review and approval process.

Moving Mountains

Mt. Kilimanjaro Summit

Five Nebraska Senators embark on an unprecedented and life-changing journey to climb the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Moving Mountains is the uplifting story of how these Senators set aside their differences–amidst raw emotions, fears, and hopes–and come together as a team in order to tackle the challenges of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


The Arctic At A Crossroads

An extraordinary environmental shift in the Arctic has resulted in the melting of billions of tons of sea ice. This action has resulted in a wild chase by the worlds three superpowers to control the region. Indigenous Arctic and Alaskan people are enduring extreme changes in their economy, culture, and environment as the once frozen region is militarized.


The Enslavement Of Humans

Exploited focuses on the fight for human dignity by exposing the global network designed specifically to enslave vulnerable communities.


The Plastic Ocean

The brightest, most compassionate and most engaged minds on planet earth are in total agreement: the world’s oceans and their embedded ecosystems are degrading significantly because of various and extensive man-made pollutants. The groundbreaking television series 21st Century Oceans looks into the creative and audacious plans to both restore and sustain the world’s most important natural resource.

America's Marine Aviators

America’s Marine Aviators, a powerful documentary film about the unique band of United States Marine Corps pilots, premiered to rave reviews in two critically important venues before its U.S. broadcast premiere on the Public Broadcast system in 2010.